I studied Civil Engineering. I write tales and poetry (in Spanish). I like making research in Mathematics and I write computer programs for fun. The following are some of my personal interests:

Welcome to my page

SIM41 Home page with several HP emulators.

General LinksOther HP emulators and Interesting sites

SIM41.ZIP download a free copy of the emulator written by me.

Mensa with several links to IQ tests

Mathematical Recreations Mathematics is a never ending game

What is RPN? by David G. Hicks

Basic RPN Calculator in Java Script Look at the source code !

Simple RPN Calculator in Java Script using standard buttons

RPN Calculator in Java Script with a Memory Register

Scientific RPN Calculator with three Memory Registers

Scientific RPN Calculator This is a variation of the previous calculator.

RPN Single Line Calculator (Complete view in 800x600 resolution) :

Ent means Enter, ch is change sign, < > is exchange x and y, dn is roll down, cs is clear stack and cx is clear X register.

Introduction to HTML by Ian S. Graham

Emu41.zip written by Jean Francois Garnier - (Freeware license)

The Big Calculator Applet An Arbitrary Precision Calculator by Jason Tiscione

HP 48 Programming Tutorials by Richard Stanaway

John Conway's Life Game

Some poems written by me in Spanish

A short Science Fiction Story written by me, in Spanish

Science Fiction Book Reviews written by me, (Spanish)

Chess I loved chess since I was seven years old.

My pictures